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Choose the store carefully as there is a difference in lingerie stores.

Mall stores like Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant have lingerie, but they are generally known as foundation stores with bras , panties, some hosiery and perhaps some sexy lingerie .

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these stores, but the selection of sexy lingerie is fairly limited.

They may have some sets, pajamas and robes, but they are not going to carry a large selection of sexy lingerie.

The other mall type stores such as department stores such as Macy's and Mervyn's and Sears also have lingerie, but the selection will be rather tame.

There is lingerie, and then there is sexy lingerie.

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Once you find the boutique lingerie store it is a good idea to call ahead and determine their policies.

Store hours, return policies, selection and product lines are important things to determine.

Give yourself plenty of time to shop so plan accordingly as you will need to try things on, or shop thoroughly.

Return policies vary from store to store and are particularly essential if you are buying lingerie for another.

Remember most, if not all, stores prohibit returns on panties and other garments worn over intimate areas, thus do not purchase these items without proper sizing.

Be sure to ask about exchange policies as it is best to be safe when it comes to gifts of lingerie.

Product lines are important as many of these boutiques cater to dancers, and may not carry much if any plus size lingerie .

This is particularly important if you are a plus size woman or buying for a curvy, voluptuous woman..

Making the purchase- After you know whether the item/s can be returned or exchanged then it is time to make your purchase.

When buying her lingerie for the first time, it is probably best to buy a small gift.

Every woman wears a bra and panties so you are not taking a big risk in buying a bra or panties or a set in the same color.

First time buyers should probably avoid the five piece bra, panty, garter belt, stockings set, although they are definitely sexy.

If you are buying for yourself, buy what looks good, and fits your budget. Always look for items on sale, discontinued items or other bargain items.

Since these items are not worn as outerwear, a style change may have no effect whatsoever on him, or you for that matter.

Finally, enjoy the experience of shopping for sexy under garments and keep in mind the enjoyment is yet to begin.

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