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Are thongs really made for the purpose of making sure that no panty lines show? Are they the clever invention of someone who decided that slacks look better without the telltale wrinkle of panty lines? Or are they really designed for the simple purpose of being erotic and eye catching?

Let's think about it though for a minute? When did you first become aware of the thong? Did you see one on a stripper? Did you perhaps see someone wearing one in a magazine? It doesn't actually matter where you got your first glimpse of a thong. The truth of the matter is that strippers have been wearing them for decades and it isn't to hide unsightly panty lines.

Pure and simple- women love the power that they have over men and not even just over men. Today's women flaunt their stuff. Instead of hiding panty lines and elastic waistbands by wearing bikini-cut panties underneath their low-riders, they are sporting colorful y-shaped strips of cloth above the waistbands of their jeans like a neon advertising sign.

Exotic thong with matching G-string

Exotic thong with matching G-string
Today's thong is a blazon of color on the small of women's backs calling to all eyes, "look at me, and imagine what is really hiding beneath my jeans, because it certainly isn't my underwear." What's more, today's thong is a status symbol. It is a self-advertisement, if you will, that says, " I have a nice bottom. I know it and now you know it too."

Let's face it, are more women wearing thongs today simply because they can avoid panty lines? Or are they wearing them because they are more comfortable to wear than a simple pair of panties? Is it even more comfortable to have a narrow strip of cloth going up the crack of your derrière, than to wear a regular pair of granny panties? Only those who wear them can tell you for sure.

Thong and G-string

thong with G-string
In fact, thongs for men have become a regular item in the underwear department for men. They might not be as colorful as the ones designed for women and they might not have all the added bits of ribbon and lace, but they definitely have that same design that features a single strip of cloth going up the crack of the derrière.

In fact, that's where men differ as well with their wearing of thongs. The public cannot see the tell tale sign of the colorful strip of cloth rising above the waistband of their jeans. So, if they are wearing thongs, only their closest and dearest know about it.

So, now that you have had an enlightenment about the truth about thongs, next time you go into the lingerie department and the salesgirl asks if she can give you any assistance, tell her, "thong me."

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