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Sexy black Lingerie Camisoles can be fitted, close fitted or loose fitted all have a very flattering look and all are available in a range of sizes.
Sexy Camisoles can be worn as nightwear, day wear or outer wear depending on the style or look you are going for.

All have a very flattering and sexy look and feel. Some camisoles are front or back fastening like corsets, most however just go over the head and slip down.

Sexy and Exotic Camisoles as exhibit by beautiful models, actresses and celebrities, come in a variety of colours including patterned and are made in different types of fabrics from smooth to textured.

The fitted and close fitting camisoles can be worn without the need for a bra. The looser fitting ones may require the wearer to have a bra on underneath.

Remember that there is a health warning, not confirmed, about wearing wired bras.
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Sunlight - The Main Cause of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the number one target of anti aging skin care products.

Before discussing what works and what doesnít work with wrinkles, it is important to understand how wrinkles happen and what anti aging, here, means.

Wrinkles arenít really caused by aging, but (mostly) by sunlight.

What happens is that UV rays from the sun penetrate your skin and damage fibers in your skin called elastin.

As the elastin weakens, your skin becomes less elastic (elastin is a pretty good name, huh?) and losing itís ability to snap back after being stretched.
The result? Wrinkles, especially in parts of your skin that get stretched and move a lot (like around your eyes, mouth and nose).
So anti aging skin care products that focus on wrinkles arenít anti aging at all, they are (or should be) anti sun damage products.


Exotic see through chemise with black G-string bottom lingerie

Sensual chemise lingerie

Gravity Ė It Ages You

Another culprit in making you look older is gravity. As the elastin weakens through sun damage and as other changes in your skin happen due to aging (less fat and less supportive structure), gravity will pull your skin down, causing sagging.

Smoking Makes You Look Older

Some people start smoking to look older and it really works. Smoking makes you look older, lots older.

Smoking directly causes wrinkles in your skin through damaging elastin by depriving skin cells of oxygen.

When pictures of smokers and non-smokers who are the same age are put next to each other, the smokers are always thought to be older.

The more cigarettes smoked, the older the appearance.

Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Products

Lots (and I mean LOTS) of products are out there that claim to reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Tretinoin Cream Ė Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product?

Tretinoin cream (Renova) is created from vitamin A and available with a prescription to treat sun damage and wrinkles as well as age spots and roughness by stimulating the skin to produce collagen (a substance that gives the skin structure).

This cream is usually prescribed for people who have sun damage even after taking normal precautions to limit their exposure to UV rays.

There are over-the-counter versions of various vitamin A-based anti aging skin care products.

These have not been evaluated extensively and certainly do not work as well as the prescription versions.

Lasers for Reversing Sun Damage and Erasing Wrinkles

Carbon dioxide and erbium lasers have also been approved to treat sun damage and wrinkles.

Use of these lasers is considered minor surgery and is done under anesthesia. This is an expensive process and is used in extreme cases.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for Wrinkle and Sun Damage Removal

Some studies hint that alpha hydroxyl acids can help eliminate the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and sun damage.

The trick is that when a person uses alpha hydroxyl acids, they become more sensitive to UV light and risk even more sun damage.

People using alpha hydroxyl acid are told to minimize their exposure to sunlight through using sunscreen and avoiding the sun.

The long-term effects of this treatment are unknown.

Bottom Line: Protect Against The Sun

Your simple sunscreen is the best anti aging skin care product out there. Use it well.

These other techniques and products are for extreme cases. If you are interested in them, talk to a qualified dermatologist (find a dermatologist), but be cautious.

These treatments are expensive and not often covered by insurance.

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