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Getting pregnant, Bridal lingerie, Pregnant Mother's Lingerie

getting pregnant,  bridal lingerie,Pregnant Mother's Lingerie

Getting Pregnant...?

Did you know that if you DON'T use any contraceptive method at all , you have an 80-90% chance of getting pregnant?

OK so that was no big surprise but are you really sure you know about EVERY way in which you CAN become pregnant?

If you are taking an effective oral contraceptive you will be well protected against pregnancy but it is a good idea to skim through the list below just in case you didn't come top of the class in sex ed. or you have stopped taking an oral contraceptive pill and your periods have not yet returned.

You can still get pregnant the first time you have intercourse, whether you have an orgasm or not

You can still get pregnant if your partner pulls out of your vagina before he comes- tiny drops of semen can 'leak' out of the penis prior to full ejaculation and those little swimmers have only one mission in mind- to get to your egg!

You can still get pregnant if you are on your 'period' (either at the end or during the following week)

You can still get pregnant if you have had a baby and are only partially breastfeeding (it is not advisable to take a oral contraceptive while breastfeeding, until you have been given the 'all clear' from your doctor as hormones can pass through your breast milk so you risk harming your baby)

You can still get pregnant regardless of the position in which you have sex

You can still get pregnant if you douche (squirt fluid into your vagina to wash it out)- a practise not recommended.

If you are 'menopausal' and think you are at the end of your 'contraceptive career' be very careful about stopping your oral contraceptive regime- at least until your periods have been absent for 2 years or 1 year if you are over 50.

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Getting pregnant, Bridal lingerie
Pregnant Mother's Lingerie

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Oral contraceptives need to be initially prescribed by your health care provider or doctor then you can buy them online or wherever is most convenient for you.

Make sure you have a good supply (3 months is ideal) and if you're the forgetful type, set your mobile phone alarm or PC calendar at work to remind you to take a pill at the same time each day.

Alesse, for example, is an oral contraceptive that contains two synthetic hormones to stop you from getting pregnant- Levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol are the active, generic ingredients found in it.

Is this contraceptive 100% foolproof as a form of birth control? No, although if used correctly, like most oral contraceptive pills will afford you close on 99% protection.

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Had Unprotected Sex? Don't Panic!

If you think your contraceptive may have failed for whatever reason or you have been vomiting (therefore your estrogen level that month has not been kept high enough to prevent ovulation) - all is not lost so stay calm. As soon as you can, get a prescription for the emergency contraceptive pill.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill - NOT to substituted for your regular pill but to be taken only after unprotected sex. This oral contraceptive can be taken up to 72 hours after sex and contains a much higher dose of hormones (estrogen) than 'normal' contraceptive pills ( so the side effects are often stronger and more unpleasant too).

The earlier you take emergency contraceptive pills the more effective they are. You can still get pregnant if you have taken the emergency pill but then had sex again during the same menstrual cycle.

You DO need to use protection against STD's if you have multiple sexual partners- yes, even with 'no care', long lasting contraceptive methods like IUD's and implants. The spermicide, Nonoxynol 9 does NOT protect against HIV when used with condoms.


Bridal Lingerie Tip:

Here's a great tip - take all your wedding lingerie along with stockings, shapewear and shoes to your bridal fittings. Don't think you can get a proper fitting by just "sucking in". Your bridal undergarments will give a slightly different shape. You want to look your best, so make sure your alterations are perfect and work with your bridal lingerie.


It's your special day. You've probably thought about it for years. You've picked out your dream dress, but now are faced with the question of what to wear under it. Our bridal lingerie has been carefully selected to help you find the perfect bridal undergarments for you, the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids and more.

We even have gone the extra mile to give you a broad choice from plus size bridal lingerie to sheer bridal lingerie. If you are looking for elegant bridal lingerie, we have that too.

Bridal Lingerie Basics:

Let our beautiful bridal lingerie complement your wedding dress! The first bridal lingerie tip is to know that selecting ivory wedding lingerie is preferable to white under your white wedding dress.

Many times, a white wedding dress isn't actually white, but more on a warmer, creamier white side. Ivory tends to blend better with both your skin tone and the color or your dress.

Your bra needs to not only accommodate the neckline of your dress, but provide good support and lift, then be comfortable during hours of dining, dancing, and posing with relatives.

Bridal corsets or longline bras are a great choice - especially with strapless dresses, because this bridal lingerie piece makes certain that you stand and sit up straight, gives great back support, and insures that the bodice of your dress will not become wrinkled throughout the evening.

A bridal corset or bustier also gives an even tone under a more sheer dress all the way down to your waist.

With all those cameras flashing, you don't want to discover lingerie lines when reviewing your wedding photos after the big day. And a longline bra with garters and stockings is the ultimate sexy bridal lingerie ensemble. Many bridal boutiques offer decorative lacy bras and bustiers that can be as expensive as your gown.

While some of these elegant brassieres have unique proportions that can be quite useful with the right gown, make comfort your top priority and think about whether or not you will ever use this garment again. If, like your gown, it will be a one-time wear, you will be better off finding something that may be less lacy but does the same job for a lot less. You'll find great price ranges in our bridal lingerie department.

Wedding lingerie panties should be given careful consideration. Select a pair of panties that will be comfortable.

A sexy thong is great, but let's face it, no one is going to see it, there's jut no way to adjust a pair of creeping panties under a wedding gown.

And, if you're planning on having your garter removed, you don't need a too zealous groom lifting up your skirt too high and revealing your uncovered back side.

However, if your wedding gown is sheer or particularly tight fitting, you may want to consider abandoning traditional bridal lingerie for panty hose with knit-in panties for a completely smooth look.

Bridal Lingerie Tip:

Here's a great tip - take all your wedding lingerie along with stockings, shapewear and shoes to your bridal fittings.

Don't think you can get a proper fitting by just "sucking in". Your bridal undergarments will give a slightly different shape.

You want to look your best, so make sure your alterations are perfect and work with your bridal lingerie.

When collecting your bridal lingerie, don't forget the wedding night. When the wedding dress comes off, your wedding night lingerie should tempt the groom and help turn your special night into the romantic fantasy you've always dreamed of.

Here is where elegant, sheer and classy sexy wedding lingerie is meant to be worn. And it should be white only because it's tradition - but no one said it can't be sheer and sexy. Oscar de la Renta makes beautiful nightgowns.

Rhonda Sheer specializes in plus size bridal lingerie as well with beautiful sleepwear that includes built-in breast support.

So give some thought to your wedding night lingerie, but keep in mind that if done right, it will come off faster than your wedding dress.

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