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Sexy teddies and sexy bodysuits

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Teddies and bodysuits are very similar items of sexy lingerie. By definition, teddies combine a camisole top and panties into one garment.
Bodysuits generally add sleeves and/or legs to the basic teddy design.
Teddies have been part of fashion throughout the 20th century, although their design has been altered dramatically throughout the years.
Bodysuits are a newer take on the original teddy design.
Teddies are now primarily used as sexy lingerie, while bodysuits may be either sexy or functional and are often both.

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One piece black swimsuit

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One piece high thigh swimsuit

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One piece seethru bodysuit

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Early teddies, like most early lingerie, were more functional than decorative.

The teddy was used primarily to provide full coverage underneath clothing, and often resembled a combined short sleeve top and loose, full shorts.

Over the years, teddies began to appear in more luxurious and sexy fabrics such as silk. The shorts gradually got shorter and tighter and the sleeves disappeared.

Teddies are still useful under certain clothing styles, but now only sexy teddies are commonly available.

Bodysuits and teddies are great choices for today's sexy lingerie. A beautifully decorative garment can act as outerwear,showing off your curves nicely when paired with a nice skirt orpants.

However, more risque styles are widely available as well. A bodysuit or teddy is a great choice underneath form fitting clothes, providing a clean line.

Yet when your outer clothes areremoved, the bodysuit or teddy is beautiful, sexy and daring. With the wide variety of bodysuits and teddies currently on the market, it is easy to find one that is perfect for you.

Black bustier

Black bustier,bodysuit lingerie,Bodysuits, Teddies, Corsets Bodysuits are now sold for a variety of purposes. A bodysuit is basically a stretchy one-piece garment with sleeves and/or legs.

A bodysuit may snap at the crotch, while teddies are generally designed to be lowered from the shoulders when necessary.

Bodysuits were a popular outerwear garment in the 1980s and are still popular among gymnasts and other fitness buffs as well as women who enjoy the look.

However, sexy bodysuits are also widely available as lingerie items.

Sexy teddies and sexy bodysuits are generally made from stretchy, sheer or semi-sheer fabrics. Sexy bodysuits known as bodystockings are often made from pantyhose materials.

Some sexy teddies and sexy bodysuits can be worn as outerwear garments, particularly with a jacket, but their primary function is as lingerie.

Many of today's sexy teddies resemble sexier versions of leotards or swimsuits. A popular new trend in teddies is the use of bondage-style harnesses and straps in place of some or all of the top or bottom material.

Other modern teddies are "open,"lacking material across the bust and/or crotch.

Both sexy teddies and lovely bodysuits are designed to be tightly fitted. Unlike corsets or bustiers, however, the fit is usually achieved through the use of materials such as Lycra or spandex.

Teddies and bodysuits are not generally designed to change a woman's shape, but rather to highlight it.

If you have body concerns, however, you can find body shaper teddies and bodysuits that include firmer control panels across the waist.

This style, however, is generally less sexy than other styles and is intended more as a foundation garment than a piece of sexy lingerie.

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