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Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling

Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling

Not Just for Women

> Often when thinking of lingerie, people think only of women in silk panties but don't think about how attractive and sexy silk boxers can be for men.

The same goes for other such as robes, pajamas and thongs.

Think beyond the Fruit of the Looms your father may have worn and into the future when men's undergarments are design to provide the same attractive fit.

Fabrics have also taken on a new meaning when it comes to dressing a male.

Buying Lingerie

The key to buying men's lingerie that is both attractive and comfortable is to make sure the items fit properly.

This means taking proper measurements and considering how the style fits the body.

Some styles of male lingerie are meant to cling to the body, while others are designed for loose-fitting ease.

Consider as well how the fabric feels against the skin and whether the garments will bunch under slacks. Not sure where to start?

Let the LoveToKnow Men's Lingerie Pictures get you started.

Women's lingerie is featured in magazines, on television, and even in football games, but we hear very little about men's lingerie.

Contrary to popular opinion, men do have options beyond tightie-whities. Like women's lingerie, men's undergarments can be designed for comfort or to show off their assets.


Hairstyles - Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling
What guy doesn’t want to be David Beckham? A superstar sportsman still in demand after being at the top of his game for 16 years, a poster boy for Emporio Armani Underwear, an entrepreneur with seven successful fragrances, and a marriage to the fashionable and inspiring Victoria Beckham, this talented guy has got it all. With an extensive history of great haircuts (except for that mohawk with frosted tips phase), we think we’ve found our favourite.

Hairstyles - Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling
Jon Hamm, the actor that plays Mad Men’s lead Don Draper, will be forever trying to live up to his character’s aesthetic finesse. Set in the 60s, a period where men took great pride in their appearance and regularly went to get cutthroat shaves from the local barber, Draper has made pomade popular again. With his slick hair, five o’clock shadow and furrowed brow, he’s got men and women pining for more elegance.

Hairstyles - Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling
One of the most Googled men on earth, Ryan Gosling is set to be the next George Clooney. With an appreciation for great fashion, good grooming and a barrage of exceptional films including The Notebook (2004), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), Drive (2011) and The Ides of March (2011), it’s no surprise his fame is constantly surging skyward. With a history of great haircuts, these days he likes to keep it short and sharp.

Hairstyles - Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling
The man that made Batman cool again, Christian Bale has got some great locks. Thick, dark and slightly wavy, this gent makes the most of his cowlicks and curls and rocks longer hair like no other.

Hairstyles - Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling
The new kid on the block, Michael Pitt has got that rock ’n’ roll look down pat. After playing a character inspired by Kurt Cobain in Gus Van Sant’s 2005 film Last Days, Pitt has gone on to become a favourite of photographer and designer Hedi Slimane and an enigmatic icon in the fashion world. These days, he’s acting in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, which is doing for the 20s what Mad Men did for the 60s, and has recently been announced as the new face of Prada Menswear. While most would be familiar with his long, 90s-inspired locks, we love his slick gangster look.

Long johns, or thermal underwear, generally cover a man from neck to ankle. They feature long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Both are skintight, so a man has to be perfectly comfortable with his body to wear long johns in front of someone else!

While generally thought of as lumberjack wear or winter attire, long johns have come a long way in recent years.

Today's long johns are available in a wide variety of patterns and materials, including silk.

Trying to decide between boxer briefs vs. boxers? Well, have no fear!

We want you to choose the men's boxers that best suits your frame, appeals to your sense of fashion and fits your lifestyle.

Boxer Briefs vs. Boxers

Seinfeld's Kramer had "tighty-whitey" jokes, and yet the debate between boxer briefs and boxers continues. Let's take a look at the advantages of each.

Advantages of Boxer Briefs

There are many advantages to boxer briefs. Some advantages are:

• They are a combination of shorts and briefs. Boxer briefs offer much more coverage and are reminiscent of shorts in style and cut. Because of this similarity, many say they are quite comfortable.

• Some say they are even more comfortable than boxers. This claim is made because boxer briefs don't "ride up" like traditional boxers.

• They come in a wide array of colors and patterns.

• Much ado has been made of the medical assertion that briefs lower a man's sperm count.

Higher temperatures in the groin area can translate into a low sperm count.

To avoid this ill-effect, many choose boxers. No evidence is available at the moment, however, to suggest that boxer briefs have any part in this.

Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling

If you're looking for a body shaper for men, you may need to change your search terms in order to find exactly what you're looking for.

Girdles, bras and corsets have long been a part of a woman's lingerie lexicon, even if she doesn't wear any of these types of lingerie on a daily basis.

While shapewear or girdles for men aren't always labeled as such, the job that these foundation garments perform is essentially the same.

Men Wear Body Shapers? While some men may feel apprehensive about donning an item that's usually associated with women, no one needs to be the wiser if you choose to wear a body shaper under your clothing.

Your coworkers and friends may wonder just what happened to your love handles over the weekend, or other men may be envious that you've maintained your slim and trim figure.

You can wear your body shaper and leave them guessing.

Men's Pouch short underwear

Body Shaper for Men: Different Types The body shapers you'll find for men are fashioned differently than the ones designed for women.

These are the types of body shapers that are marketed to the male gender:

• Vests, with or without sleeves
• Compression tank tops
• Zippered abdominal/chest compressor
• Body suit
• Ab undershirt
• Trimming briefs

Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling, Men's Pouch short underwear The age-old debate of briefs vs boxers for men is still going strong.

Remember, when it comes to underwear, it's all about personal preference so there is no single best choice that works for everyone.

Briefs vs Boxers for Men: Pros and Cons When it comes to choosing an underwear style, guys have quite a lot of choices today.

Besides traditional boxer shorts and "tighty-whities," there's also the combination style of boxer briefs, thongs and even shapewear for men.

Most guys tend to favor one style over others and stick with it. There may be medical issues that make one type of underwear better for you, depending on whether or not you're actively trying to conceive children with a partner. Some of the good points of boxers and briefs include:

Boxer Shorts - Pros • Easy to get on and off
• Allows more air circulation around the genitals
• Looser fit translates into lower temperature in genital area, which may increase sperm count - this is important for men trying to father children
• May be more comfortable for overweight men
• Available in many colors and fabrics, including cotton and silk

Men's Lingerie, Men's apparel, men modelling, Men's satin boxers

Looking for cheap men's lingerie? Well, read on to find out some of the hottest styles, and even hotter prices, available today!

Before You Shop

Before you begin shopping for the best in cheap men's lingerie, know that the available styles out there can vary tremendously.

From the sublime to the scandalous, there truly is something for everyone! Here are some steps that will help you shop with ease.

Decide on Style

Deciding on the style you like best will help you narrow your search (no small feat considering just how many styles there are to choose from!).

Are you looking for cool to the touch satin boxers to slip into after a bath? Or are you searching for a fire-engine red thong to stir up some excitement?

Whatever look you're going for, deciding ahead of time the kind of energy you'd like to project can save you oodles of aggravation further down the road.

Hold That Wallet!

There is so much competition vying for your hard-earned dollars out there in the lingerie market that there's really no reason for you to spend frivolously.

Take your time and comparison shop. You'll be happy with the money you'll save in the long run.

Do men prefer boxers or briefs? That's a question that was raised during the mid to late 1980's, and the question took on even greater significance with the debut of the now famed Michael Jordan Fruit of the Loom advertisement.

So, Do Men Prefer Boxers or Briefs?

Do men prefer boxers or briefs? The jury is still out on the definite answer to this question, but one thing that's known for sure is the fact that each garment carries its own particular merits.

The Advantages of Briefs

Briefs have certain advantages that are unique to the garment's construction.

First, many men claim that nothing is quite as good as a brief when it comes to that compact and secure feel.

This is especially important to men who play a wide variety of sports.

Second, briefs are a classic and a staple of the men's lingerie industry; its what most men grew up wearing, and as such, many remain loyal wearers to this day.

Third and finally, many feel that nothing is quite as comfortable as a pair of briefs. This fact alone keeps many men staunchly, and happily, in the brief camp.

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