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Pink bikini and G-string

Pink Bikini and G-string

The one undergarment that has the ability to get both strong positive and negative reviews at the same time from women is the g-string, but the truly odd thing that concerns this type of lingerie pantie is that it has been on the market for quite a long time. In fact, it has been on the market longer than other articles of lingerie.

The thing you need to understand about the g-string is that it is worn by both men and women.

Western media tends to high light the lingerie aspects of women over men, but there are so many men that do not realize that by saying they like g-strings can some times mean that they actually like wearing them.
The g-string has traveled a long way through time as a fashion garment.

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Embroidered purple bikini

embroidered push-up wired bra with matching bikini bottom In fact, a form of the g-string was man's first piece of clothing.
Research has found that the first clothing originated in sub-Sahara Africa roughly seventy five thousand years ago and, you guessed it, a variation of the g-string was found to be the undergarment of choice.
The loin cloth, after all, is nothing more than a g-string with a bit of extra material around it.
As man kind advanced, g-strings disappeared from the scene, but have made a huge comeback in the last thirty years or so.

These days, g-strings always get a reaction. Some women love to wear them while others find them very uncomfortable.
A vast majority of men seem to find them irresistible, which might say something deep and scholarly since they probably originated from the Stone Age.
You can insert your own joke here.

The modern g-string blurs the lines of pantie fashion. They have been referred to as lingerie, but they can also be viewed as a simple panties.
They can also be used as the bottoms of a bikini bathing suit. Many refer to them as thongs as well, but this is not entirely accurate.
A g-string is actually a type of thong, but most people just use the terms interchangeably.

White bikini with matching G-string bottom

white bikini

Peekaboo set G-string

peekabooset G-string

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