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 Lingerie - Sexy  stocking Lingerie for Women Many men enjoy seeing their significant others in intimate apparel. However, there are some women who feel insecure about purchasing these types of clothing.

Therefore, it would be left up to the male to purchase something. It can be hard when you are not really in tune with the female body...or at least how to buy lingerie for women!

Thankfully, there are some suggestions that you can use when deciding what to purchase for your special someone to wear.

Before you leave the house, it is important that you know their sizes. Women's lingerie is typically sold in sizes that are similar to bra and panty sizes.

If you life with your significant other, you can check out her undergarment drawer before you start to shop for lingerie.

If not, it may be a little more difficult to know her size. Try your hardest to get a glimpse of a clothing tag, at least on her top or pants.

If you are not planning on this to be a surprise, you could always ask her for her sizes so that you can buy something for her to wear.

 Lingerie - sexy stocking

It is helpful to know what parts of her body she is most comfortable revealing. For example, if she feels that her hips are too wide, you can choose a loose fitting baby doll nightie that will cover the midsection and hips.

If she is proud of her bust, you may want to opt for a corset or bustier, as they only work to amplify the chest.

Buying the right type of lingerie for women is important. You do not want your lady feeling too self confident to enjoy herself when she's wearing this type of clothing.

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The color you choose should depend on a few different factors. Red may be the most common choice, but there are likely to be more other colors that will suit different women better than the standard.

Blondes tend to look good in soft, pastel colors. Redheads and brunettes can usually pull off darker colors, such as brown and purple.

Avoid getting black for someone who is very fair skin, as it can cause them to look more pale.

White and off-white are good choices for almost all skin tones and hair colors.

Choose a soft fabric that will feel good on your significant other while she is wearing the garment.

Women's lingerie tends to come in silk and satin, two of the most comfortable materials used for clothing.

Cotton is sometimes used, but it doesn't offer the most intimate feel. Sheer materials can also be beneficial, if your lady does not want to leave anything to the imagination.

With so many different colors, materials, and types, lingerie for women can be very confusing for men.

Some males would like to buy their women a nice nighty to wear, but may not know where to begin.

Know her size, and choose something you think she would like.

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