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Ladies we have heard time and time again how many of us are wearing the wrong bra size.

I'm sure like me you are no stranger to the problems this can cause, ranging from minor discomfort, ruining your shape to longer term health issues.

But what is rarely talked about are the number of bras out there, that are to put is plainly are bad for you.

This is without taking into account the size variances from one manufacturer to another, the fact that you may feel like you are doing a good thing by getting measured and then purchase this size from various retailers whilst receiving a number of ill fitting bras.

The main cause of this is mass production where standards are not set or followed, if you think about it, a seamstress who is given just over 30 seconds to sew the cup around the wire is hardly going to be able to check and double check the size she or he is making for accuracy.

Nor is the fabric cutter preparing the material for making.

Then there is the case of the wire, these should widen with cup size to accommodate the breasts starting point.

This alone requires bra designers and manufacturers to develop moulds varying in size that meet with accepting norms in the industry and then to have an adequate number of the current wires for each size when being produced, this too needs to be quality checked so that a C cup wire is not sewn into an E cup bra.

The end result to the consumer is one that digs in.

When we buy a branded or designer bra we expect not only that it is well made, and consistent with every other so that our fitting size can be true as best.

But also that the research and development gone beforehand eradicates any problems that may cause discomfort or health issues.

Take for example the underwire of a bra, as a consumer you would expect that the metal it is made from and the soft protective covering has been tested to ensure that it does not dig in, cause excessive marking or bruising.

Anita, Simone Perele and Wacoal are all known for developing unique underwires from different metals, yet they all work without disappointment due to the rigorous testing and years of experience in research and development.

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Out of curiosity I looked into what it would take to have my own bras manufactured, at a cheap price.

To my surprise I simply needed to only choose colour ways and fabrics, I was presented with a standard pattern which claimed to fit from Sizes A-G.

At this I was already sceptical, knowing full well that the same shape would not support a G cup that would an A.

When I asked about the underwires, they said these could be obtained very cheap by them and I needn't worry.

With this exercise it's clear that research, development and testing does not happen consistently in the market and that products often come into retailers that are simply bad for us.

I had various discussions with lingerie manufacturers about what could and couldn't be achieved with keeping costs low and one comment struck me as concerning, I questioned the A-G cup and was told that everyone knows an A-C cup doesn't need any support, so we could get away with thinner straps, narrow bands and less stitching.

I agree the weight is less, but even a A cup with years of poor bras will have problems, if nothing else a flatter sagging breasts as the tendons stretch from years of poor bras.

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