Different Types of Sleepwear For Women

Red Chemise

lingerie: red chemise model
Being a woman has its many advantages. You have a variety of designs to choose from, colours, textures, materials, types, etc. all are more varied than men.

Similarly, for sleepwear, women have variety of designs to choose from. Given below are a few types of sleepwear for women.

Nighties - Nighties again are of two types - long and short. Long nighties or maxis as they are commonly known are ankle length.

Materials vary from satin, silk, lace, to cotton and hosiery as well.

The short nighties are till mid thigh length and are usually of silky smooth materials like satin and silk with hits of lace.

Night suits - These comprise of a shirt with pyjamas or shorts. The shirts can be t-shirts or the button down variety.

The pyjamas can be loose or be fitted like track pants, the shorts could be like Bermudas or micro mini type.

Materials of night suits can be flannel, cotton or satin with lace trimmings.

Amazing blue chemise

Beautiful blue chemise
Camisole - A camisole is like a short slip worn with panties or knickers. It could even be worn with boy shorts.

Usually it's of cotton, but cold be of silk as well. The straps are thin and can have a little lace detailing on the neck.

Babydoll - Short flimsy sheer or lacy top with spaghetti straps, it leaves nothing to the imagination and is paired with a sexy pair of panties.

Chemise - A short, form fitting type of nighty, it could be sheer and sexy or made of a comfortable fabric like cotton or hosiery.

Nightshirt - As the name suggests, it's a loose fitting shirt, but pretty long, till about thigh length. They come in cotton and hosiery.

Teddy - It resembles a one-piece swimming costume but it's a more risque and seductive version.

These are just a few types of sleepwear that women to choose to indulge in. Usually, women prefer soft, comfortable and loose stuff they can wear to sleep.

With sleepwear comfort is a big factor. But also, the sex factor, women have a collection of sleepwear that is comfortable and practical, but also a selection of sexy and oomph inducing sleepwear, designed to drive their partners insane.

Some women prefer to sleep and indulge in sexy sleepwear not because they want to entice their partners but because they wish to feel sexy and at the same time comfortable.

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Babydoll has off shoulder design with lots of sparkle. The bust area, sleeves and skirt are with holographic sequins

 Babydoll has off shoulder design and sparkles.
Sexy sleepwear can be found in every woman's closet, whether she is in a relationship or no.

Sexy sleepwear helps lighten a woman's mood and strangely comforts them as well. It instils confidence in them and boosts their self esteem.

Sexy sleepwear for women can be found in every female closet. It helps boost their confidence and puts them in the mood.

There are several types of sexy sleepwear for women, designed to make the woman happy and the man crazy.

To find out more about what are the types of sexy sleepwear for women and where to buy it from the largest lingerie

Embroidered Black top Babydoll

Embroidered  Babydoll
The type of the underwear fabric is various and each of them has its own functions. You should know something about it, which will help you buy proper underwear.

1 Cotton

Cotton has many advantages and it is popular with all kinds of people, but for those who are prone to sweat a lot, cotton briefs are not suitable for them.

It is because although cotton briefs are comfortable to wear and they work best to absorb sweat, yet they can't dry quickly and they are easy to be out of shape.

2 Lycra

Lycra is a synthetic elastic fiber that can be lengthened to 4 to 7 times of its previous length.

It can't be used alone. It should be blended with other types of natural fibers.

3 Lyter

It is a superfine natural fabric made from fern. It is as sleek as the silk and it is thin, breathable, and easy to dry.

If you wear the underwear made of this fabric, you will have the feeling that you don't wear anything because the briefs cling to your skin so well.

4 Cye-O

It is a fresh and sanitary fabric. Its most distinctive feature is that it can improve the circulation of oxygen so that it can enhance the blood circulation of the cuticular layer of the male's genital organ.

If you are not sure how to take the right measurements ask the sales girl when you are out shopping.

She will be able to measure you and tell you what sizes of lingerie you need. You will want to know not only what bra size you are but whether you are a small, medium, large, or something else. Finding the right size is the key to your comfort and enjoyment.
What Type of Underwear Fabric Is the Best? We wear underwear everyday. Do you know anything about the underwear fabric?
5 Coolmax

It can help the sweat evaporate quickly so that if you wear the underwear made of it, no sweat will be left on the surface of the skin and clothing.

This fabric is light and soft and it is easy to wash. It won't be out of shape after washing so that it needn't to be ironed. It is the first fabric used to make sports underwear by many world-famous brands.

6 Meryl

It is soft and elastic so that it can cling to the skin well. It can absorb moisture well and block out ultraviolet rays.

7 Modal

It is the ultra-fine fiber made from the natural fiber. It, similar to cotton, has sleek texture and is comfortable to touch. It can absorb water faster than common cotton.

8 Tactel

It is a high quality fiber. It is also called Nylon. Nylon can make the fabric soft and comfortable.

It can absorb moisture well, so it can create a moisture balance on your body.

It is light and easy to be taken care of. You can wash it in a washing machine. It won't lose its shape easily and it is wrinkle-resistant so that it needn't to be ironed.

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