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The secret to bra size and to bra fitting

Cast parts, ceramics, wear plate Bra fitting is not always exact, but the calculations and tips provided here will give you an idea of where to start.

The bra exists to improve your looks, often without being seen. What the bra looks like is rarely as important as how the bra makes you look.

Proper bra fitting results from understanding how the different bra parts influence your bra size.

The secret to bra size comes from knowing your cup size. The cup size measures how far your breasts extend from your chest.

The secret to bra fitting is knowing that, universally, each cup size represents a one inch increase in breast size.

Up to cup size D is fairly universal, but past D, manufacturers offer different sizes.

A DD cup in one brand may not be the same size as a DD cup in another brand. It is important to look at the manufacturer's bra size listing.

The secret is that all manufacturers increase their cup size by one inch increments.

If a manufacturer's size listing says they offer sizes DD, DDD and E, and DD did not fit you, you should try the DDD before going trying the E.

Underwires play a role in good bra fitting. Every bra band size has its own underwire size.

Underwires spread out to provide additional support once the bra is fastened.

The key to your bra fitting properly is to make sure your entire breast fits inside the underwire.

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White embroidered wired bra with matching bikini bottom

White embroidered wired bras with matching bikini bottom Underwear lingerie If your breasts are wider than the offered underwire support, you will experience discomfort, and eventually the weight of your breasts will cause the underwire to snap.

Straps should lay flat against your chest, unless you have implants, and should not slide off your shoulders.

Adjustable straps can cause strap slippage. The plastic rings in adjustable straps allow the straps to swivel, and swivel produces slippage.

If you have problems with slippage, you should purchase bras with non-adjusting straps, or with the straps sewn closer together in the back.

The bra back is key to how the bra fits. The amount of hooks a bra has plays a role in bra fitting.

Fewer hooks require tighter body straps to provide proper support. This tighter strap creates unflattering rolls above and below itself, making you look fat from behind.

For the smoothest from-behind look and the best support, three or more hooks are recommended.

The material of the bra back should be firm, not springy. Springy material wears out quickly.

If the back material stretches easily when pulled, the bra fitting will fail over time

Determining bra size is a simple matter. For best results, all measurements should be taken while wearing a bra.

Using a tape measure, measure around your body to find the correct size of the bra band.

Make sure the tape measure is snug, but not overly tight. Round to the nearest whole number.

Tight white dress, no bras

tight  white dress no bras  lingerie

Classic signs of an ill-fitting bra :

This is your band size. To determine your cup size, measure loosely around the fullest part of your breasts. Again, round to the nearest whole number.

Once you have these two numbers, subtract your band size from your breast size.

If your band is 32 and your breasts are 35, you end up with a difference of 3. Each inch of difference represents a cup size, so a 3 inch difference translates to a C cup.

This gives you a bra size of 32C. If you find a bra manufacturer that fits you well, stick with them for the best results.

There are commonly two types of pre-formed bra. There is a smooth cup, which is very popular as a t-shirt bra, and there is the more elaborately embroidered and embellished type.

Women choose pre-formed bras for all sorts of reasons; they provide coverage over the nipple area and won't cause irritation like some lace bras can; they give a smooth line and an even look if you are a little fuller on one side of the bust than the other, and, if you get a plunge style, they can give a terrific cleavage.

The main reason women don't choose pre-formed bras is because of the common misconception that they will make you appear larger.

This is especially true of ladies who are a D cup or above, and yet, generally, the fuller busted you are, the better these bras look.

In a stark contrast to a padded bra, a pre-formed bra doesn't have padding - they are usually made from a thin material and they are designed to only hold their own shape, rather than adding volume to your bust.

Pre-formed bras are also commonly known as spacer bras, 3D molded bras, formed bras or contoured bras.

The best way to tell the difference between a padded bra and a pre-formed bra is to feel slightly above the underwire in the cup - if you can feel a 'step' of padding or fabric, it is a padded bra. If all you can feel is the shape of the cup, it's pre-formed.

Beautiful embroidered wired push-up bras and strapped bikini bottom Underwear lingerie

Pre-formed bra

When you try a pre-formed bra for the first time, it will probably feel a little strange.

Rather than the fabric fitting around your bust as with a regular soft cup bra, you will have to fill the cup space within the bra. If your bust is small, or you find that you're fuller at the bottom of the bust rather than at the top (very common in ladies who have breastfed), there might not be enough definition in the bust to fill the top of the cup.

It's important to remember that like most other bras, pre-formed bras come in different shapes.

It's very common to find plunge bras, but there are also balconette bras available too, which are cut lower on the bust.

This might be a better shape to try if you're not as full at the top of the breast. As with all other bras, you should check to make sure that the backband is snug but not uncomfortably tight when fastened on the loosest hook.

Black satin wired push-up bras with matching bikini, garter belt and stockings With a pre-formed bra, it is also extremely important to make sure that there is no 'bulge' at the side of the cup.

Some women will find that even if they're filling the main cup perfectly, they have an excess bulging from the side.

If this is the case, it's worth trying a larger cup size, but it might be that the bust is too wide for that particular style.

A full cup bra with a 3-part sectional cup is ideal for this bust shape, but we'll cover that in another article soon.

A well fitting pre-formed bra can make all the difference to your clothes, too. If you wear a lot of t-shirt style tops or tops and dresses which are made from jersey cotton or linen, it's very easy to see lines left by lace or seams through them.

A smooth pre-formed bra will give lift and definition to your bust whilst sitting perfectly and invisibly underneath your clothes.

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