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A Guide to Wrinkle Creams

Letís face itóeveryone wants beautiful, radiant, younger-looking skin. And the market is full of products claiming to reverse the aging process, causing wrinkles and fine lines to disappear. But the effectiveness of these products actually depends on a number of factors.

The shelves of every cosmetics shop, supermarket, pharmacy, and department store are stocked full with a huge variety of creams, lotions, and other concoctions. Advertisements on the Internet entice thousands of people, boasting of miracle creations and elixirs. What do these products have in common?

They all claim to possess the ability to prevent, stop, or reverse the skinís natural aging process, treating damage, and revealing the beautiful skin we all have underneath. But do these products really work? And what should consumers know before choosing a product?

The effectiveness of the countless brands of wrinkle creams available is a touchy subject. While research suggests that some of the common ingredients in wrinkle creams contain ingredients that may improve the appearance of wrinkles, no real scientific studies have been conducted.

With the Food and Drug Administration recognizing wrinkle creams and various other anti-aging products as cosmetics, and therefore of no medical value, no real research has gone into proving, or disproving, the effectiveness of many of these products.

So does this mean that consumers should avoid the wrinkle cream market entirely? Not necessarily. Of course, if youíre looking for a quick, over-night, miracle product in a bottle, youíre probably setting yourself up for disappointment. But if youíre seeking a product to improve the appearance of your skin, and are willing to commit to a disciplined regimen over a long period of time, some products may actually work.

Itís just a matter of being well informed, and knowing what to look for and why as Kollagen Intensiv for example.

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What is in anti-wrinkle cream?

With so many diverse products on the market, itís hard to know which active ingredients are the most effective, why, and where to find them.

Some of the most effective active ingredients for improving the appearance of wrinkles are:

1.Retinol is a vitamin A compound, and was the first antioxidant to be used in nonprescription wrinkle creams. It works by neutralizing free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles), posing a less potent alternative to the commonly used tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative approved by the FDA for topical wrinkle treatment by prescription.

Retinol-based products should be avoided during pregnancy, however, as they have been proven to increase the likelihood of birth defects.

2.Hydroxy Acids, such as alpha, beta, and poly hydroxy acids, are synthetic versions of acids derived from sugar-containing fruits. They are known to be effective in exfoliation of the skin, stimulating the growth of smooth, even new skin.

Itís important to always use proper sun protection while using products with hydroxy acids, as it causes the skin to become more sensitive.

3.Coenzyme Q10 helps to regulate energy production in cells. It can be used to reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes or to protect the skin from sun damage, preventing further wrinkling.

4.Copper Peptides are copper-based substances. Copper is an element found in every cell and, when combined with small protein fragments, called peptides, can accelerate the healing process and stimulate the production of collagen. It may also enhance the effectiveness of powerful antioxidants.

5.Kinetin is a popular plant growth factor, rumored to improve wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Utilizing a system of minimal irritation to the skin, researchers believe that kinetin assists the skin to retain moisture and stimulates the production of collagen, though it is unclear how it works. Kinetin may also be a powerful antioxidant.

6.Tea extracts are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. While green tea is the most commonly used in anti-winkle creams, black and oolong tea also contain compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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