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Asian Bikini

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Bandini or Bikini?

The bandini is a style of bikini that pairs a bandeau-style top with traditional bikini bottoms. A bandeau top is generally a strapless, tube-type top that remains in place with the aid of a high percentage of spandex in the fabric. The bandini is somewhat common in swimwear fashion, although other styles of bikinis, like the string bikini and halter bikini, are far more popular.

The history of the bandini is closely linked to the history of the bikini, itself. While the bikini was marketed in the United States as early as 1947, it would not become greatly popular until the mid-1950s.

Top mini bikini with matching G-string bottom

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Even then, the bikini would not become widely socially and morally acceptable until the turbulent decade of the 1960s.

The bandini, interestingly enough, was one of the first bikini styles to be generally accepted in the 1950s. Strapless, bandeau-style tops had emerged on one-piece swimsuits just five years before, but the shocking and exciting nature of the bandeau top accompanied the very first popular bikini styles in the 1950s.

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One piece front open swimsuit

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Bandini and women's breast

The somewhat questionable breast support of the bandini, relying only upon the tightness and stretch of the fabric, greatly enhanced the overall allure of the swimsuit.
Since the beginning of bikini popularity in the United States, the bandini has maintained a strong foothold in the bikini market.

The bandini has an overall minimizing effect on the breasts that makes it wonderfully supportive and flattering on some women and quite unflattering on other women.

The bandini is best for women with large breasts, of course, as it can provide valuable, minimizing coverage.

However, women with small breasts should not wear bandinis, as the bandeau top will serve only to flatten the appearance of the breasts to a greater degree.

Whenever wearing a bandini, be aware that the strapless nature of the swimsuit can result in a rather unfortunate loss of coverage.

Needless to say, the bandini may not be the best swimsuit choice for beach sports or serious swimming.

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