Ingredients in Chinese Cooking

Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts Creamy yellow shoots sprouted from green mung beans. (Larger yellow ones come from soya beans). Soak briefly in iced water before use to make them crisp. Will only keep for a few days in refrigerator
so used as soon as possible.
Try to use fresh ones if possible.

Black Soy Sauce

black Soy Sauce Receives additional richness from extended fermentation and is reduced to concentrate the flavor. Darker and more bold tasting, the texture is slightly thicker than normal soy sauce.


Cilantro This leafy fronds of the seed spice coriander is more commonly known as Chinese Parsley and coriander. Pungent, lemony taste, used in most Chinese cooking as part of a dish or garnish.

Corn, Baby Cobs

corn, Baby cobs You can find them usually in cans and sometimes fresh. These small minature cobs with their pleasing crunchy texture and bland taste are a popular addition to any stir-fry dishes.

Chinese Red Dates

Red Dates Also known as jujubes are olive-shaped, dark red fruit of a small thorny evergreen tree. Red dates have a slightly astringent, prune-like flavor and are available dried at Asian food stores. Is commonly used to flavor soups and dishes.

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