Ingredients in Chinese Cooking

Chillies or Chilli Sauce

Chillies Fresh red chillies should be slit open and seeds removed before use unless you prefer really hot, in which case leave seeds and membranes alone. Wear rubber gloves to avoid skin irritation. Hot Chinese chilli sauce is sold in small bottles and should be kept in the refrigerator after opening. Sweet chilli sauces are often used as a dipping sauce in most Chinese recipes. It's like a "must" as ingredients in chinese cooking


eggplant Also known as aubergine. Depending on their age, they may have to be sliced and salted to reduce their bitterness. Rinse and dry well before using. Baby eggplant (Japanese eggplant) are small and slender and don't need to be salted before use. Thai egpplant is known as pea eggplant and are green and white, marbled-sized.

Egg Noodles

Egg noodles Generally made from wheat and egg and are available in round or flat of variety of sizes. The noodles are dusted lightly with flour before packing to stop them from sticking together.

Dried Shrimps

Dried Shrimps Is a popular seasoning in many Asian dishes. Choose dried shrimps that are pink in color and soak in water to soften before use.

Dark Soy Sauce

Chinese brands are often labelled 'superior soy sauce' is dense black and thicker, less salty
and with a malty tang.

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