Fried Lamb

chinese food - Fried Lamb Ingredients:

1 lb. lamb flank
2 leaves lettuce
Star anise, = See ingredient with photo
cinnamon = See ingredient with photo
Chinese pepper = See ingredient with photo
2 stalks of scallion = See ingredient with photo
1 oz. ginger = See ingredient with photo

2 tbsps soy sauce = See ingredient with photo
1 tbsp rice wine = See ingredient with photo
½ tsp salt
Dash of MSG = See ingredient with photo
Cooking oil


1. Drop the lamb into boiling water and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove the lamb and drop into cold water. Press the meat to draw the blood. Chop into 1 ½ inch cubes.

2. Marinate the lamb in a bowl with the seasoning ingredients for a while. Place the chopped scallion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon and Chinese pepper on top and steam for 40 minutes.

3. Deep fry the steamed lamb until it turns brown.

4. Arrange the lettuce leaves on a platter. Cut each piece of lamb further into two and place on the center of the platter. This recipe actually calls for lamb flank with bones, but since it may not be available, we use here the boneless flank. In case you do get one with bones, cut along the bones. After step 1, cook for a while instead of steaming. After deep frying, pull the bones out. Since boneless lamb easily loses its shape, it has to be steamed and cooled before deep frying.

Serves 4

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