Dry Fried Beef Shreds

chinese food - Dry Fried Beef Shreds Ingredients:
400g beef
240g celery (or carrot) = See ingredient with photo


A dash each of yellow wine,
chili powder, = See ingredient with photo
xanthoxylum powder, = See ingredient with photo
chopped green onion, = See ingredient with photo
chopped ginger, = See ingredient with photo
mashed garlic,
sweet wheat paste,
salt and MSG = See ingredient with photo
Adequate amount each of Worchestershire sauce and Sichuan broad bean paste
120g sesame oil = See ingredient with photo


Cut the beef into 5cm shreds; wash celery clean, pound it until loose and cut it into 1 cm lengths.

Heating the pot over high heat and pouring sesame oil in, cool the pot for a while, dump the beef shreds in, add a little wine to fry until the shreds curl, reduce the fire to mild heat, continue to stir fry them evenly to remove the moisture, add broad bean paste, sweet wheat paste, chili powder, mashed garlic, salt and MSG to stir fry together and add wine and sugar.

Then add celery to stir fry together a few times, add chopped green onion, chopped ginger, xanthoxylum powder and Worchestershire sauce to stir for a while, take them out and place them in a plate for serving.

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