Potent Herbal Aphrodisiac Extracts *

Recipe Using Cocoa
Ground roasted beans and dissolved in water, along with vanilla, cayenne pepper, matico pepper (A Peruvian plant allied to pepper, the leaves are used as an astringent.), pimento, cinnamon, squash seeds. A cup of gold can be salty or sweetened with honey.

Angels Trumpet
Decoction made from leaves and seeds add water or maize beer
Is a potent aphrodisiac!

Stop snoring and be happy/


Potent Herbal Aphrodisiac Extracts:

Ashwagandha     - Catuaba     - Cnidium     - Cistanches     - Horny Goat Weed     - Muira Puama     - Passion flower     - Rhodiola Tongkat Ali     - Tribulus     - Yohimbe


Benehic acid
---has central stimulating, psychoactive and aphrodisiac qualities.

- Naturally occurring product in a plant, that has a pharmacological effect on humans, some are toxic. Some are used in medicine as pain relievers like that in morphine, and codeine

- an alkaloid, a long acting hallucinogen occurring naturally in a number of dog bane plants. Most of all is present in Tabernanthe Iboga

Alkaloid Chlorogenine
- Strong stimulating effect on genitals

- a tea made by immersing plants in water and slowly boiling 15-20 minutes

- a psychedelically active toxic chemical

Tropane Alkaloids
- In proper dosage evokes intense erotic effects.

- is a tropane alkaloid drug, obtained from the plants of the nightshade family

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