Male Infertility causes

Herbal, Vitamins and Minerals as Treatment
Aphrodisiac Herbs

What herbs or herbal product you should choose, depend on your purpose.

- To help infertility and sterility ,so, Increased fertility.

- For purposes of seduction

- To improve potency - Better erection or sexual performance

- To spice up your sex life - Increased libido or sexual desire.

Other purposes:

- Increased feelings in the genital region.
- Better lubrication.
- Increased strength or size of the genitals.


In order to prevent low sperm count, it is important to run away from health damaging habits, like having multiple sexual partners, smoking of cigarettes or cocaine and marijuana, alcohol intake etc.
Also all habits that lead to chronic stress should be avoided.
All junk food, like stimulants e.g. coffee, strong tea and other unwholesome food should be avoided.
Very hot baths, saunas, exposing the testis to very hot environment raises the temperature of the testicles and must be avoided in order to run away from low sperm count.

Nutrition plays a vital role

Infertility in men can occur as a result of many factors, nutrition plays a vital role in the treatment of male infertility and low sperm count. E.g., carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic are good sources of zinc.

Fish, liver, vegetables like garden egg, cucumber etc, provide vitamin and zinc. Substances like B-carotene and lycopene improves the sperm motility.

Lycopene is responsible for the red colors of tomatoes. B-carotene is produced from carotene.

Some nutritional supplements which contains reasonable amount of anti-oxidants are equally very helpful in restoring men’s fertility.

Nutrients like zinc are required, selenium, vitamin A,C,E and B complex, amino acids, essential fatty acids etc are necessary ingredients needed to make sperm healthy and maintain a high motility and energy .

This must be in place before conception can take place. And all the above nutrients are best when they are sourced naturally.

It is gratifying to note that several herbal nutritional supplements have been used over the years and the results are encouraging.

Where some “high tech medications” have failed, herbal medicines have restored life and joy to many men.

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Aphrodisiac and Psychedelic Herbs

The strongest aphrodisiacs are poisonous and overdoses can lead to death.
Use psychotropic aphrodisiacs with caution. Herbs are unprocessed drugs and may interact with other medications. Elements from the plant world, minerals, and those from the animal kingdom have incredible arousing effects on both men and women.

Aphrodisiac Plants Have Been Used for Ages:

Many Herbs Can Enhance Sexual Desire.....

Sex drive in both men and women can be enhanced with herbs, so longer lasting erections, female lubrication and more intense orgasms could be achieved, resulting in satisfactory sex.


- has sexual stimulating properties
- can strengthen the ovum
- helps balance hormones in females
- will improve sexual courage
- helps you overcome weakness and exhaustion

- Damiana is a small Mexican shrub, of which the leaves are used for medical purposes.

- Damiana stimulates the function of the sympathetic nerves controlling the sexual organs, the urinary system, the digestive organs and the respiratory organs.

The herb thus strengthens all the functions of the sexual organs and urinary system.
The herbs have many of the same effects as the female hormone progesterone, and therefore the herb works especially effective for women.

Damiana is considered one of the safest herbs for rejuvenating the sexual weakness.

Damiana definitely increases the sharpness of a female orgasm...
There are two species of Damiana used in herbal healing and referred to as Damiana: Turnera aphrodisiaca and Turnera diffusa.
It is known in Latin as "Tumera aphrodisiac."

Damiana resembles a small shrub that grows on rocky hills with plenty of exposure to the sun. It has aromatic leaves and thrives in dry places. It grows in Mexico, Central America and the southern parts of California. Damiana leaf has been used by the Mayan Indians and the natives of Mexico for its aphrodisiac properties.


Belladonna herb,hallucinogeni - Belladonna --Atropa belladonna, Solanaceae-- Belladonna is known a the "witch's plant,"
  a sister of the mandrake.
- Properties: hallucinogenic, increases desire.
- Fresh berries are eaten, leaves smoked.
- Overdose will lead to death via respiratory   paralysis
- The Greek Thessalian witches combine   Belladonna root with wine to make powerful love   drinks.
- The entire plant contains strong alkaloids.

Calamus --Araceae-stimulant

Calamus Herb,sex stimulation

- Skin irritant, Oil is added to tea or bath, promotes erection.

- For sex stimulation high doses recommended

-- An herbal bath with calamus increases erotic desires.

Horsetail --Equisetum myriochaetum

Horsetail herb,stimulates immune system -- Central America--

-- Contains mostly Silica, stimulates immune system,    infusion ;made out of fresh stalks gives grate erections.

Kava-kava --Piper methysticu--

Kava Kava aphrodisiac psychotropic,invigoratour -- Polynesia - invigoratour, increases performance, ritual drink.
-- The extract is made from the roots, and after fermentation,    the composition changes having psychotropic and aphrodisiac    qualities.

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